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Journal Article by ASHRAE, 1997

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Describes a 1997 ASHRAE Technology Award-winning facility in the USA. Dudley Products, Inc, an 85,327ft2 (7,927m2) facility consists of offices and laboratories plus manufacturing facilities, present spaces with great diversity in loads. Describes the solution of 13 heating and cooling air to air heat pump zones, six for the offices and seven for the manufacturing plant. To achieve optimum maximum load matching, four stages each of heating and cooling were created using dual-speed, high efficiency heat pumps for each zone. Describes in addition reduction in energy consumption and heat output from lighting, energy recovery ventilation incorporating heat pump and heat pipe technology together, plus airflow ventilation. Points to the immediate positive cash flow payback of the investment of energy saving features of 746 dollars/month in the first year.

Citation: ASHRAE Journal, vol. 39, no. 8, August 1997

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