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Journal Article by ASHRAE, 1998

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Describes briefly a building energy management retrofit project for Canadian Airlines International aircraft maintenance base in Vancouver, British Columbia. The energy management retrofit project for the 93,500m2 (1,006,000ft2) facility affected four maintenance hangars and associated shops, testing and flight simulator area and office and training areas. Presents a system overview and describes the mechanical measures introduced. States the total retrofit cost was $1.74m, including $640,000 for mechanical and $1,100,000 for lighting. The electrical utility contributed approximately $750,000 as part of its demand side management programme. Documented post-retrofit reduction in costs for 1996 was $550,000, including $320,000 in electricity and $230,000 in gas, or a 29% reduction in energy costs. The resulting simple payback is 1.8 years after the utility rebate. Notes reduced maintenance costs through equipment modernisation and nearly 1000kW of electrical capacity made available for other loads.

Citation: ASHRAE Journal, vol. 40, no. 12, December 1998

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