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Conference Proceeding by Commission Internationale de L'Eclairage, 09/01/2016

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The aim of the report is a description of an issue connected with subjective perception of colours from the extensive lighting system stepped by LED, where it was possible to observe identical light source (LED) within various angles. Colour of the light of LED sources depends not only on a type of a luminophor but also on a length that has to be overcome by a ray coming through the luminophor. The length can be defined by means of an angle of the normal, i.e. from a ray coming through the luminophor upright and having the shortest track. If the length of the ray coming through the luminophor is longer, the wider differences in its colour are. This phenomenon can influence sensation visual in a negative way. As it results from the article, the size of colour change is also influenced by a luminophor type. If the lights produced by LED go through diffuser, there is a partial blending of light and the colour change is smaller. Additional optical systems redistribute primary luminous flux coming from light source (LED) and thus there is a blending of luminous flux radiated to a certain angle of the illuminated space from various directions of the luminous flux radiation itself.

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